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Afro-Fusion Dance Holiday


Destination: Havana - Cuba
Start Date: Coming soon
Day 1 Time Arrive in Havana - Cuba
16:00 Check in: Hostal San Miguel
Welcome drink made by Echarry, Master Barman
20:00 Dinner at Casona de 17 restaurant, traditional Cuban food
22:30 Night Club - Casa de la Musica Havana: Cabaret Show and live Cuban salsa band -return to the Hotel by taxi
Day 2 Classes >> Matinee >> Night Club
11:00 Salsa Classes-Extra activities for those not taking salsa classes Sevilla Hotel Pool - City tour by classic American car.
13:30 Walking tour around the streets of Havana and lunch In the heart or Old Havana.
16:30 Matinee Café Cantante Mi Habana - Live band (Manolito Simonet in Concert)
21:30 Dinner in China Town
23:30 Night Club: Florida Hotel Salsa Night,10 minutes walk from Hostal San Miguel. Dancing until the early hours of the morning.
Day 3 Classes >>Playa>>Morro Cabana Ceremony >>Night Club
  11:00 Salsa Classes - Extra activities for those not taking Salsa Classes
14:00 Charity visit to Primary School Bus to Santa Maria Beach, lunch at the beach
17:30 Return to Hostal San Miguel
20:00 Visit to El Moro fortress for the cannon firing ceremony
21:30 Dinner in El Canonazo Paladar (Private Restaurant)
23:00 Night Club Casa de la Musica Miramar (By Taxi)
Day 4 Classes >> "Sabado de la Rumba" >> Party at Ary's House
  11:00 Salsa Classes - Extra activities for those not taking Salsa Classes
4:30 Matinee - Sabado de la Rumba (By Taxis) (Music and dances Folklore)
17:00 Walk by the "Malecon Habanero" Walk by the sea in Havana City
20:00 Party at Ary's House
23:00 Casa de la Musica (Optional)
Day 5 Free Day>>> Rest at National Hotel Pool >>> Night Club
  11:00 Hotel National (Pool) By Taxi Enjoy a cocktail in the gardens, take in the spectacular view from the terrace
21:00 Jazz Café Dinner and live music
23:00 Salsa Club
Day 6 Master Classes >>> Matinee >>> Salsa Club
  11:00 Master Classes
16:30 Casa de la Musica
21:00 Dinner and Salsa Club - Florida Hotel
Day 7 Leave for Trinidad
  12:30 Arrive Trinidad, Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar
Free afternoon
20:00 Taxi to Trinidad, Dinner in a Family Restaurant
22:00 Casa de la Musica Trinidad
Day 8 Classes >>> City Tour >>> Salsa Club
  11:00 Classes
14:00 City Tour of Trinidad
17:30 Return to Hotel
20:00 Dinner and Night Club
Hotel Brisas Cabaret or Casa de la Musica Trinidad - (TBC)
Day 9 Free Day >>> Picnic >>> Night Club
  Free in the Morning
14:00 Picnic by the River
18:30 Return to the Hotel
21:00 Dinner and Night Club - Hotel Brisas
Day 10 Leave for Cienfuegos >>> City Tour >>> Night Club
  12:00 Arrive and Checking Hotel Jagua in Cienfuegos
14:00 City Tour and Lunch
17:30 Relax
20:30 Dinner and Salsa Club
Day 11 Leave for Havana >>> Free Day
  20:00 Dinner at Paladar (Private Restaurant)
22:00 Salsa Club
Day 12 Free >>> Party >>> Salsa Club Free >>> Party >>> Salsa Club
  14:00 Bus to the Beach House - Party
21:00 Return to Hotel by Bus
23:00 Salsa Club - Optional
Day 13 City Tour >>> Matinee >>> Salsa Club
  11:00 Visit Rum Museum and Cigar Factory
-Time to shop at the market
-Lunch in the Old town, enjoy live music
17:00 Taxi - Casa de la Musica - Matinee
21:00 Dinner and Salsa Night
Day 14 Free >>> Pool Hotel Sevilla >>> Salsa Club
11:00 Hotel Sevilla (Pool)
17:00 Casa de la Musica - Matinee
21:00 Farewell Dinner with the Afro-Fusion team
23:00 Salsa Club
Day 15 Departure from Havana: Jose Marti Airport Terminal # 3
Check out and transfer to Havana International Airport
Check- in at Jose Marti Airport
16:45 Depart
06:00 arriving in UK the next day
Hostal San Miguel - Colonial Hotel
San Miguel Hotel
Manolito Simonet in Concert
Santa Maria del Mar Beach
Santa Maria Beach
Sabado de la Rumba
Hotel National de Cuba swimming Pool
Hotel National pool
Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar
Hotel Brisas Trinidad
Trinidad de Cuba
Trinidad de Cuba
River - Trinidad Cuba
Trinidad River
Hotel Jagua - Cienfuegos
Hotel Jagua






Havana Old town Musicians outside the Cathedral in Hav. Jose Marti Airport Terminal # 3
Old Havana Musicos de la Havana Airport in Havana
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